Monday, March 23, 2009

Mobile kan ku mau bali =D

Wuuu~~~ada dah LG KC910...:3 Nunggu elaun ja lagi keluar =D

Lawa eyh~~~~ ^___^

bawah ani featuresnya:-

8 Megapixel Camera
LG’s KC910 takes super-sharp pictures, thanks to an 8 megapixel camera with Schneider-Kreuznach optics and a Xenon flash. ISO sensitivity, which determines how much light the camera’s sensor takes in, can be set as high as 1600, increasing the camera’s performance in dark conditions.

Touch Shot
Users can select an object to focus on simply by selecting and touching a focal point on the phone’s 3.0-inch wide screen. After touching an area to focus, users can take a photo simply by removing their finger from the screen. This feature means that users will never miss a shot while searching for the right button to press or get a blurry image because of camera shake.

Creative Shot Modes
The KC910’s shot modes include:
- Beauty Shot: Automatically removing spots and imperfections of people’s faces, Beauty Shot makes sure that faces appear bright and clear in photos. It creates more attractive looking portraits without the need to use Photoshop software.
- Art Shot: Unlock your creativity with its Art Shot mode. Create an artistic masterpiece with effects including, black & white, warm & cold exposure and more.
- Smile Shot: Automatically triggers the shutter when camera detects a smile
- Continuous Shot: Fires nine shots in rapid succession
- Panorama Shot: Allows the phone to take panoramic images
* The LG-KC910 also includes Face Tracking and Blink Detection

Dolby Mobile
Dolby Mobile provides rich, vibrant audio as well as more powerful bass to the music listening experience. At the heart of Dolby Mobile is an integrated suite of audio processing technologies which includes:
- Natural Bass - provides clean, powerful bass extension without artificial side effects
- Sound Space for Headphones - adds spaciousness and impact to headphone listening from stereo content.
- High-Frequency Enhancer – reinforces the highs that often suffer when music and other content are digitally compressed

DivX/Xvid Playback
The LG-KC910 also makes it easy to watch high-quality DivX/Xvid video right out of the box. The handset includes the popular DivX/Xvid codec, a portable format compatible with a large and growing number of devices and platforms. This means there is no need to specially encode videos for the phone, transferring video files is as simple as drag and drop.

• Slow-motion Video Recording (@ 120 fps)/ Fast-motion Video Recording (@5fps)
LG-KC910 can record QVGA video at up to 120fps, which allows it to catch every detail in slow motion, making it perfect for capturing fast moving objects, such as those at sporting events. The LG-KC910 can also handle the opposite extreme, slowing recording down to 5 fps to record very slow-moving objects with a time lapse effect.

A-GPS/Jogging Buddy
LG KC910 supports A-GPS ensuring that users always know their exact location. The handset also offers the ultimate convenience for exercise enthusiasts by using the advanced GPS technology. Whether walking, running or jogging, KC910’s Jogging Buddy provides up-to-the-second information including distance and time, and keeps an exercise log for you.

The latest 3G Networks/ Wi-Fi
With HSDPA connectivity at '7.2Mbps' and seamless connections through 'Wi-Fi', users can browse the internet at very fast speeds.

Personalized Widgets and Active Flash UI
Users can choose widgets with customizable settings to appear on the idle screen. Widgets are easily added by dragging them from the menu bar. The widget screen is oriented vertically and users can scroll through widgets with the flick of a finger. Users can choose from a variety of colour options for the idle screen. With its online widget function the KC910 provides instant access to information like weather forecasts on its idle screen. Real time weather data from carriers’ online services will help users be prepared for unexpected weather.